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About Us

Black Mystery box was founded in 2015 by two geeky passionate business partners Alicia And Eric.

The Black Mystery Box idea come to us from everyone's childhood experience. As a child we all could not wait until a birthday or Christmas or any other similar holiday to roll around every year. So we asked ourselves, what do all these occasions have in common? What does everyone enjoy most about the these holidays? One of the main and simple answers is receiving or giving a surprise gift! Whola the Black Mystery Box Company was created based on that simple idea.

We want to give our customers that childhood experience. We want to give our customers the feeling of giving or receiving surprise mystery gifts. Our boxes are also a great value to our customers. Each box contains gifts that are worth $50 - $150 and up!! Children love our boxes. It makes us so excited when i see the look on a childs face when he opens our up one of our mystery boxes. We just love doing what we do!

Our company keeps growing and were adding new themes weekly to our inventory. We hope our customers enjoy our awesome mystery surprises as much we do. We enjoy giving the gift of mystery and surprise and we love seeing social media feedback from you guys. There is nothing we love more than seeing pictures and video's of you guys getting and opening our mystery boxes.

We would like to say a big Thank You to all of our wonderful customers. We love you guys! All Rights Reserved 2017